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Urbanworks to the rescue!

The owner of this beautiful home on Auckland’s North Shore actually started the build with another company. Somewhere during the foundation stage of the project, the builder ran into financial troubles. This was a nightmare for the owner, who’s project ground to a complete halt. It was at this stage that the mayday call came in to Urbanworks. The owners biggest concern was continuing the build with someone he could trust. The transparent process we use with our clients, and our affiliation with MasterBuilders made us a no brainer. As you can see, the story had a happy ending for all involved.



This build was essentially a massive fit out of an old council building. The interior was gutted, with a completely new floor plan and suspended ceiling detail that looks stunning. Around the outside we built custom seating from timber, scribed meticulously around the existing poles and window support structures.

On the outside we placed $200k worth of pre-fabricated galvanised steel. The anchorage points for supporting posts were at multiple heights landing on several different stairs and sloping concrete. As you can imagine, the say we placed it was stressful. But careful planning and measuring paid off and the placement went off without a hitch.

This is one of my earlier builds before I formed Urbanworks Construction. I designed and built this home with my father as a spec. My main role in the design was the roof while my father designed the floor plan.
We placed an importance on quality over speed of construction, in contrast to many of the cookie cutter homes in the area.

“I truly believe and feel this home has one of the best “functioning designs” I have ever seen!
And Why?… for one very important reason; This home was strategically and specifically designed for this site, by the builder, with his own family members in mind, creating universally a home for all families; young, old, blended, older-sharing grandparent, and “every other family in between”. – Shona Munro (Mike Pero Real Estate.)



This was our second home in the Long Bay subdivision. It’s located on Headland Drive for anyone who wants to take a look at it. This home was built to order by it’s owner and stands out due some of the corners not meeting at right angles. It’s street presence is stunning, and we actually had sales enquires off the street during the building of it.

The unique angles made the build difficult at times, but we’re versatile and have the ability to build anything you can imagine. As long as we can get it through council of course!



This is another early build for a good friend of mine that I grew up with. The impact of the house speaks for itself with it’s modern design presenting it as the best house on the street.

The owner and I are still friends, so we must have nailed it even if I built it for way too cheap!


“They’re great guys to work with. Communication was good, they finished on time, and we ended up with a great finished product.” – Trent Forbes