From $426,800

This modern farmhouse breaks the home into three clear pavilions, each housing a different part of the home; Garage, living and bedrooms. This design can work whether your driveway comes in from the east, south or west. Some nice features of this home include the scullery, dual outdoor areas for all day sun, large walk-in wardrobe and ensuite plus a centrepiece chimney, which frames two large gable windows. This is a modern farmhouse, a timeless design, a fine structure you could just be lucky enough to call home!


From $466,400

This gable pavilion styled home is highly functional with a layout that will take full advantage of an expansive northern view. This design can be used in both wide sections and narrower deep sections with the garage simply rotated ninety degrees. An open study is positioned just off the foyer, perfect if you plan to work from home. Outdoor spaces are perfectly aligned for all day sun. With this design being such an iconic shape with all the gables, by simply using different claddings and colours, this home can work with numerous styles, whether it’s modern, traditional or even Hamptons!


From $440,000


This home has a lot of nice touches that don’t end with the styling. Inside, the scullery is set between the garage and kitchen allowing for a quick and easy grocery drop-off. A study is included, additional to the third bedroom, allowing you to work from home. Outside, a built-in pergola allows for optional outdoor cover options and overhead heating. This home will really help take your section to the next level!


From 528,000


This modern four bedroom home has three core parts that make up its strong geometric frontage. When entering the foyer, a study slider can be opened so visitors can enjoy a view through full height glazing out to whatever centrepiece you desire. The dining takes in the morning sun from a large sliding window in the kitchen which drops right down to the bench level. Extra features include the scullery, a workbench within the garage and a large ensuite. If you’re looking to build a bold home with a ton of features, this is it!


From 477,400


This home incorporates modern styling, strong brick forms and timber which help lift the roof-line. All this, paired with high glazing in the living, make this a home you cannot ignore. This design can be used in sections with driveways coming in from the east or west by simply flipping the garage, foyer and laundry if needed. Also if needed, an additional lounge can easily be added as an extra option. If you’re after a four or even five bedroom home with some urban style, this may just have your name on it!



From 585,200


A gem of a home, designed for a family that loves to entertain. A great feature is the separate kids’ retreat, which sits central to the surrounding bedrooms. Explore the many facets of this design and it will enthral you with the number of features. There’s plenty of room to spread out and move around in your own space. This is a home designed for a lifetime of enjoyment!


From 536,800


A beautiful modern and chic home that offers all the luxuries and superior features. Designed with families in mind, this home packs a lot of potential! Make your way to the centre of the home and be greeted by the luxurious living and entertaining area, with a separate private lounge close to the entry. Sit back and relax in the large master suite which offers a double wardrobe and a striking ensuite. This home is functional, practical and all with a tasteful touch!


From 572,000


Inside this home, you’ll discover an open-plan living and dining area that continues out to the alfresco area with outdoor dining and a bar. A master suite at one end of the home and a secondary master suite at the opposite, both with built-in wardrobes and ensuites. This stunning home will provide your family with all the elements you would expect for a superior lifestyle!


From 583,000


Get some modern street appeal with architectural twin gables and dark weatherboard cladding. This home has two living spaces, each at opposite ends of the house, always handy! Also included is a large study, close to the entry, so great if you work from home. Also included is a large laundry, scullery and a living space which flows out to the outdoor living. This home really does work as good as it looks!


From $594,000


This home creates a large outdoor space with its unique “L’ shaped design. The spacious open plan living, dining, kitchen and scullery, all look out onto the large outdoor living area giving the home a family hub feel. A smart office positioned close to the entry makes working at home a real option. This effortless family home has everything and your family could want and then some!



From $494,400


This ultra modern, three bedroom design looks like a large home from the outside thanks to the architectural styling, however, its just 206 square meters. The large extruding entry makes a real statement with fixed louvres giving the overhead study space some privacy from the street. Some features include a scullery, a large powder room for guests, a kitchen, an outdoor bar and plenty of storage throughout the home. If you like modern, this may fulfil your wish list!


From $468,000


This modern, sleek four bedroom home packs a lot of features within its small footprint. The main living layout integrates seamlessly with dual outdoor living spaces which are designed around both morning and evening sun positions. Enjoy a view from the master balcony and its large slider door with overhead windows. This home looks great, is highly functional and could add a lot of value to your section!


From $559,200


Divided by a stairwell and foyer, This home is made up of two main wings to give an architectural, pavilion flair. The exterior makes use of three main claddings to give definition and visual appeal. Inside this home includes dual living, an additional chill zone, a study, two balconies an outdoor kitchen bar, a powder room for guests and a large separate laundry. Modern architectural styling and practically designed spaces make this home a real contender!


From $549,600


This home is designed for narrower sections without compromise. This home includes everything you could want including a scullery, two studies, dual living, (one up and one down), a kitchen, outdoor bar, a covered outdoor space, four balconies for maximum view potential and some serious street style! If your section is narrow and you like to have it all, you may not find a better home than this!


From $547,200


While this design derives from a basic rectangle shape, it’s cleverly refined into a timeless architectural home. This is achieved by using an extruding band around the exterior, symmetry and some nice interior features. Together, this enhances the visual appeal and practical flow of the home. Some features of this home include the north-facing upstairs study, a chill zone, an atrium and the optional covered outdoor living space. If you like simplicity or symmetry, this is your home!